A belated Hello, I’m back! from your chairman

Sorry I’ve let this website go dormant over the last couple of years. As most of you will know, I certainly haven’t been less active in working for our town, and that’s been the problem. There are only so many hours in every day!

These are challenging times to be a town centre trader, but there is much good news as well as bad. It’s still possible to prosper and succeed here with the help of our magnificent, passionate and friendly fellow townspeople.

Please do get in touch and share your thoughts and suggestions:
email me through the contact form on this website,
message me on Facebook,
or even drop into my shop on Chester Street for a face-to-face chat.
If you do that, do ask for me if you don’t see me, I am often on the premises but working in our upstairs office/workshop
Best wishes, Ruth Rees (Wrexham Business Group Chairman)