Wrexham Business Group was started in January 2014 to unite Wrexham’s businesses to speak with one strong voice, which the Council, Welsh Government and other bodies would take seriously.

Also we recognised that in these times of deeper and deeper public spending cuts, the town’s traders would have to be prepared to do more to help themselves as far as promotion and marketing of the town is concerned. Thirdly the new Group would provide moral support, advice and practical help between its members!

We have had considerable success in all three of these areas. Very senior council officers and elected members asked us to meet with them regularly so we can keep each other in the picture and discuss how we can work together to achieve more for Wrexham.

We have organised regular events to help rejuvenate our town centre, and we are getting together a better framework for promoting the town and each other through both traditional and digital media.

We have been able to help fellow members claim rates relief, get an unfairly critical Facebook page shut down, recommend the best printers, electrical contractors, solicitors… The list is endless!

We also make an effort to buy each other’s products and services and to recommend them to others where we can. It’s surprising what a difference that can make, and all the more so as we continue to grow and attract more members.