All change for the Festivals

The emphasis for the Street Festivals is changing this year, with activities centering round Ty Pawb, St Giles Church, and the shops and markets, rather than outdoors.

In their previous format, they needed tremendous commitment of time and energy, both on the day, and before and after – until we started to do them, I would never have dreamed how much! Unfortunately, both Nigel Lewis and I now no longer feel able to keep that up any longer. (Of course we did not tackle this single-handed, we give massive thanks to all the others who have helped, too numerous to mention here.)

I think over these last few years the Street Festivals have brought many benefits to Wrexham and its people, and I’ve really enjoyed being involved with them. They have:

  • fostered community spirit,
  • given new local micro-businesses a chance to try their wings in the town centre,
  • supported many charities and community organisations with free stalls,
  • hopefully given both locals and folk from further afield an extra reason to head to Wrexham!

I will still do what I can to support the Festivals. All being well, that will include organising map hand-outs, signs, and “Ambassadors” volunteers on the day, to make sure everyone who comes to town that day knows what’s going on.

The gazebos, tables etc which the CIC bought with the Council “Together in Wrexham” grant, are all still in good condition and safely stored. Some may still be needed at times on Festival days, even with the new simpler format. They have also been loaned to other organisations and charities for their events, and I hope we will be able to continue doing this.

We are giving the Festivals a new name, they will now be the Wrexham Town Festivals, and I promise they will still be worth coming to town for! Watch out for further news soon.

Yours, Ruth Rees