April 2021 Minutes

Tuesday 13th April 2021 –  6:30pm held via Zoom – Minutes

  1. In attendance

Ruth Rees (Chair), Martin Rees Jewellers
Pete Humphreys, Yellow and Blue and No 22
Matt McHale, La Baguette
Chris Dimmick, Dimmick’s Accountancy
Julia Chaplin, Ellis Chaplin
Jacqui Blore, Piccolos Music & The Story-Teller
Bobbi Cockcroft, The Drawing Board
Adam Howarth, Love Wrexham
Stefan Paudler, Love Wrexham
Mark Norfolk, 4th Planet Games
Geth Thomas, Wrexham Chauffeurs
Kelly Elsworth, Deputy Dot
Terry Evans, Councillor
Nathan Roberts, Wrexham Tech
Katie Williams, Xplore!
Eleni Morandi, Minuteman Press
Sam Harris, Wrexham Feast

  1. Apologies
    Ian Stockdale, Ian Stockdale Architects
    Marc Jones, Councillor for Grosvenor Ward and Board Member of Saith Seren
    Sharron Tyldesley-Smith, Alisha Bridal & Prom Dresses
    Brian Lane – Getin2Shape Training
  2. Welcome
    Ruth Rees welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a quick update. Good news that Giles the butcher back behind the counter, and successfully appealed a parking ticket by sending in invoice to prove loading/delivering. Town wardens – both Bev and Adam are back on the job, Ceredig has retired. Need to ensure that we report any incidents. The online reporting is very straightforward and less time consuming than waiting on the phone see https://www.northwales.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime
  3. Town Centre
    Terry Evans gave a quick update, a new tree has been planted in Queens Square, the benches that surround it are being refurbished. Other improvements include new trees on Henblas square, additional planting on Queens Street and extra seating by Boots Opticians. A ‘green wall’ is planned for the Tŷ Pawb – on the Chester Street/Saith Seren side. Discussions are ongoing regarding the free parking after eleven extension for 6 months.
  4. Xplore! Science Discovery Centre
    Katie Williams reported that Xplore! don’t have a reopening date at the moment as it’s unclear which category they are in, hoping for w/c 17 May and are awaiting guidance. They have had staff in throughout lockdown and done some work via foodbank and community groups, plus digital provision for those with access.DARGANFOD/DISCOVER – Tŷ Pawb and Xplore! have teamed up to bring a weekend of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths to Wrexham. The festival last took place in 2018. The festival will run over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd August 2021 and there are backup plans in place to have a digital festival if Covid restrictions are in place. Xplore! is looking for people to get involved, so anyone with ideas can get in touch. There is a package of sponsorship available too. Xplore! can turn ideas into workshops. Email info@darganfod-discover.com if you would like further details.
  5. Nathan Roberts – Wrexham Tech
    Nathan runs a web design, online marketing and SEO company, has clients across various industries including services, trades, nurseries, ecommerce and B2B. He’s been very busy with website builds and is keen to help local business with help and advice. With lockdown there has been a realisation that more businesses need online entity. The group asked Nathan about a number of things, eg, Ruth asked about Facebook pages versus groups. Pages are more for businesses to post and Facebook wants businesses to pay to be seen. There is more engagement in groups and organic reach, but people have to join the group. Most businesses use their Page to publicise the group.Pete talked about how we can help each other’s Facebook presence, he’s got a few tricks and aims for 5 comments & 3 replies on his posts. He turns notifications on for pages he follows and always makes an effort to comment or like, love etc

    Chris asked what he should do to score well when it comes to Facebook’s algorithms  – comments are key. Nathan suggested trying to get engagement on posts first, before adverts. Facebook measure all sorts of things including length of comments. Don’t just share posts from other pages, add your own text to the post too. Nathan used Fat Boar as an example, their engagement is so good that they don’t need to pay for ads.

    Geth suggesting that before posting think about what question your audience wants answering – relevance is the secret ingredient to engagement.

    Julia asked about which platform to use. Nathan said to post across all social media and don’t forget Google My Business – again google doesn’t want us to know their algorithms so they constantly change. As Ruth pointed out this is a good thing in many ways as it prevents bots etc taking advantage and allows legitimate businesses to compete. Nathan pointed out that buying existing (aged) domains is now seen as an advantage.

    Julia to share screenshot of meeting and list attendees’ Facebook pages, please make an effort to like other members pages and engage with their posts. Action JC/ALL

  6. AOB
    Time of meetings – stay as they are and Ruth will attend when she can.Chris asked about Plastic free Wrexham. Julia to send contact details to Chris and email Iona to see if there are any new initiatives or info available. Action JC

    Julia asked Sam how plans are going for Wrexham Feast – waiting for news about the event and will let everyone know asap. Not taking any money for bookings until things are confirmed.

    Congratulations to Jacqui Blore who is now a qualified youth mental health first aider. Chris asked how courses are funded. Jacqui attended due to work with The Vic.

  7. Next Meeting – 2nd Tuesday of the Month
    May 11th 6:30pm via Zoom