Draft agenda for AGM (Wed 8th May 4.15pm, Town Square)

Election of new committee (Richard Evans and Laura Evison both standing down)


The Business Group CIC, and its relationship with the Business Group

Issues we face and how best to tackle them:

  1. Parking Eye in Island Green and St Marks, can we influence those who run these car parks, if so how?
  2. Council-run car parks, overly zealous enforcement, and officers not being able to access details of online extensions.
  3. Loading/unloading, what are the rules, should there be a 10-minute window? Some traders have not been allowed to do so at all, at times
  4. Getting back “free after 3” in at least one Council car park – maybe Market Street? Already working on this, how to take it further?
  5. Business rates – what a nightmare. No short term solution, but may be worth writing joint letter to Welsh Government etc.

Gareth Hatton of Businessline, on the different ways he can help us

Support each other by using each other’s products and services

Any other business