Jan 2021 Minutes

Minutes January 2021

Tuesday 5th January 2021

6:30pm held via Zoom



  1. In attendance

Ruth Rees (Chair), Martin Rees Jewellers

Ian Stockdale (Director), Ian Stockdale Architects

Pete Humphreys (Director), Yellow and Blue and No 22

Chris Dimmick, (WBG CIC Accountant), Dimmick’s Accountancy

Julia Chaplin, Ellis Chaplin

Jacqui Blore, Piccolos Music and The Story-Teller

Pete Rogers, Town Square

Bobbi Cockcroft, The Drawing Board

Nigel Lewis, Wrexham Savers

Sam Harris, What A Sweet Shop and Wrexham Feast

Marc Jones, Councillor for Grosvenor Ward and Board Member of Saith Seren

Adam Howarth, Love Wrexham

Stefan Paudler, Love Wrexham

Jenny Osborne – Cozmic Driving Academy, Body Shop at Home

Brian Lane – Getin2Shape Training

Rob Salisbury, Salisbury Media (part)


  1. Apologies

Mark Norfolk, 4th Planet Games

Matt McHale (Director), La Baguette

Daphne Roberts, Abode Above


  1. Welcome and Introductions

Ruth Rees welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year. 

The members of the group introduced themselves, including new members Jenny Osborne of Cosmic Driving Academy and Body Shop at Home, and Brian Lane of Getin2Shape Training. 


  1. Thanks

On behalf of the CIC Ruth expressed gratitude to Chris Dimmick of Dimmick’s Accountancy for volunteering to do the accounts for the group.


  1. Objectives

At the previous meeting four main objectives were agreed. The group discussed how we can work towards achieving the first two, ie Speaking as One Voice (eg to WCBC) and Supporting each other’s businesses.


  1. Speaking as One Voice

Marc Jones, Councillor for Grosvenor Ward agreed with the importance of being a united front and representing the views of the business group as a whole with the Local Authority. Contacts at WCBC are Amanda Davies and Rachel Cupit and Cllr Terry Evans, Lead Member for Economic Development and Regeneration. Marc stated that the councillors or the Town Centre have an informal cross-party group due to the absence of a Town Council, to ensure they are doing the best for the town centre.


If any members have any topics they would like to raise with the local authority please do let the Chair or one of the Directors know. Julia Chaplin asked about inviting our local MP’s and MS to meetings. Should we have relevant issues that we need their assistance with they will be invited to attend.


  1. Supporting each other’s businesses

Ian Stockdale emphasised the wealth of knowledge we have and how we can support each other. Sam Harris mentioned this is especially true in relation to local knowledge which is so valuable to businesses across all sectors and Jacqui Blore reiterated that we have a unique perspective. Sharing this knowledge is key to working together to improve our businesses and Wrexham, next month we will look at other objectives of the group, ie to Provide networking opportunities and Share expertise.


Julia has created a Google form to start collecting member details for publication on the website. Although we do have information for members which they provide when joining the group, this is specifically for publishing online. A link to the form will be sent out in the next week or so.


  1. AOB

Sam reported that she has had difficulty getting town centre businesses involved with events that she is organising. Ruth will get in touch to see if she can help. Pete asked about the type of businesses, Sam said it is across the board, equipment hire, food producers etc. Wrexham Feast will take place in September and there is another event planned for May which will be announced soon.


The group discussed the Facebook group at length, including options of allowing posts from a specific business sector each week, the value of different types of posts and ensuring that there is a focus on the members of the group. We may allow posts from members to publicise their businesses, but would prefer posts that are not purely about sales. Brian mentioned the feel-good type posts, such as those from Pete Humphreys who has been feeding people who are temporarily housed or in need of support. Jenny talked about utilising other Facebook groups as she is a member of a page for driving schools which would be useful for targeting a certain demographic.


  1. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 2nd February 2021