Parking charges, lots of good news!

Eagles Meadow car park, now under new ownership, has slashed most of its prices and introduced a new “£1 for 1 hour” rate.  We understand this has already produced a noticeable increase in footfall in the shopping centre, and it will hopefully also have some effect on the town centre itself, more so as time goes on and more people become aware of the new prices.


More good news in early January, with Councillor David Bithell’s announcement of all day parking for £2 in Waterworld and Crown Buildings car parks at weekends, and a £2 for 3 hours rate in Waterworld during the week.  Some probably saw this as a knee-jerk reaction to the Eagles Meadow reductions, but in fact the decision was already made well before that; we may well not have got these changes without a lot of hard work which was done behind the scenes by Business Group members, who spent many hours throughout the year arguing the need for reductions. All credit to Councillor Bithell for doing his best to go as far as he could to respond to our requests.


Wrexham Savers has launched a scheme to refund people’s parking or other transport costs by giving them £1 each time they spend £10 or more in participating outlets. Even businesses who are not currently full members of Wrexham Savers can trial this offer if they wish, just contact Nigel Lewis for details if you are interested!